Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Have Our Eye On You, Baseball Blogosphere

We here at the Stadium Insider Network are always looking for more Stadium Insiders. As we mentioned in our first post, this niche is largely unexplored. Without further ado, here are some baseball sites that we have our eye on as potential Stadium Insiders:

MetsPolice - These guys are hard-hitting and don't shy away from controversial topics about the experience for the fans at Shea Stadium/Citi Field. Right now, they are launching a major campaign to get the Mets' Opening Day game at Citi Field moved to the daytime to keep with tradition. These guys love the Mets, but they will take their ownership to taks at any given minute when it comes to the fan experience. The Mets Police would be top notch Stadium Insiders

Nats320 - The description of the blog says it all:
Since 2005, The African Queen and I enjoyed Section 320 at RFK Stadium. Our Washington Nationals and the Nats320 Blog came to life for us there. Now-as we move from East Capitol Street to South Capitol Street-an entire new baseball world awaits us at Nationals Park. Although moving to Section 218, the name will remain the same. Our roots are in Nats320-and we will never forget those times. But, as always, we will attempt to provide fun, information and commentary about Our Washington Nationals.
424Tales - These Cubs season ticket holders aren't in the Mid-Atlantic region, but we are keeping an eye out for Stadium Insiders in all 30 MLB cities. We like that these guys have been season ticket holders at Wrigley for over a decade. Their home is in the upper reaches of the upper deck of the legendary Wrigley Field, so these guys have some real potential to be Stadium Insiders.

Do you run a blog similar to the ones above? Are you the next Stadium Insider that we need to keep an eye on? Please contact us, and we'll be happy to check out your blog and potentially feature it here on Stadium Insider Network as one to watch.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Join The Stadium Insider Network Today!

Are you a hardcore fan and season ticket holder for a Major League Baseball Team in the Mid-Atlantic Region? If you are a witty and passionate writer, please contact us about exciting opportunities to blog about your favorite team utilizing the Stadium Insider Network. We are currently accepting applications for our Fenway Park (Red Sox), Citizens Bank Park (Phillies), Citi Field (Mets), PNC Park (Pirates), Camden Yards (Orioles), and Nationals Park (Nationals) Insider.

The flagship blog for the Stadium Insider Network is New Stadium Insider - a blog owned and edited by Yankee season ticket holders. The blog was born with the idea of passing along the every day season ticket holder experience to Yankee fans not living in New York City and unable to attend many Yankee games per year.

With the increasing popularity of New Stadium Insider, we have realized a niche that is largely undiscovered. Baseball fans have many options when looking for information about what happens between the baselines, but not when looking for the information that really affects them - information about the Stadium experience.

New Stadium Insider is regularly linked to by many popular websites in the blogosphere, and even mainstream media sources are catching on. To get an idea of the exposure that writing for the Stadium Insider network can provide, please take a look at the press clippings for New Stadium Insider.

These are obviously unpaid positions, but this is an exciting opportunity to start a blog about your passion and not have to worry about the setup. In addition, we have exciting plans for cross-promotion in order to get your blog the exposure it deserves.

Please read through New Stadium Insider and if you feel that the tone of your writing and status as a fan of your team are a good fit, please contact us. We can be reached by email: Ross @ NYYStadiumInsider dot com.